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Little Letters


My brain has escaped me as to when I last did a Little Letter. (For More Info Go to Looks like that’s another Tag I need to work on..

blank paper with pen and coffee cup on wood table

Dear Body, Please play nice.. I know it’s cold (and you got burnt) and you don’t want to jump on the treadmill six times a day, but please don’t fall apart. Whilst 6+ times a day on the treadmill is a bit much, maybe try twice a day this week. 

Dear Leak Upstairs, I hope that you get fixed soon, before the ceiling caves in, I really don’t want to see the bath in the kitchen… Plumber on way!!!! * and couldn’t fix the problem so another one coming out tomorrow. 

two pink ballpoint pens on tableDear Deliveries, can i just have one delivery where there isn’t an issue with the product (This morning’s delivery was broken), The actual delivery (Yesterday’s was a missed Delivery and Jack had to pick it up this morning), having to wait what feels like weeks for it to be delivered (There are still at least 4 outstanding deliveries from weeks ago). 

Dear reader thanks for reading, you are all stars..

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