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Last week i had been working out (i know amazing i am shocked too), and using the treadmill. I had been in some pain so got Angel to make me a Hot Water Bottle up. All good until it felt incredibly hot on my lower back. Picked it up to find that it was all wet, so took the cover off to discover it had a small hole in it.

I had a small burn on my lower back, that took a few days to heal.

The Hot water Bottle was my Mum’s, she passed away in 2012, so i figured it was around 7 – 8 years old at most. Did you know that there is a small number on the bottle. I had no idea (it’s pretty much always had a cover on it).. Turns out that the number was an (08). Yes I was using a Ten Year old Hot Water Bottle. How it didn’t leak before now is beyond me.

Jack has bought me a new one and I have taken a note down in my planner to throw the new one out in one year.

So I want you to go and check your Hot Water Bottle for the number, if it’s over a year old throw it away and go and buy a new one and take a note down to throw the new one out in a years time.

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