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She’s not that girl anymore

nicjackwedddingShe’s not that girl anymore. The one in the photo over there.

The one, that fell in love with that cute guy next to her, she loves him even more now 18 years later.

The one that took risks and eloped, but now struggles to leave the house because of her anxiety and her husbands crazy work shifts.

The one that had so many adventures of dreams and plans, but now the closest she gets is using her planner everyday. But still hopes to get to Paris.

The one that thought she was overweight. Before a baby, and 14+ years of Stay at home motherhood took over. But has put on 40+kgs since then.. Now she tries to lose weight and gets discouraged everytime she fails, and she has failed at it a lot.. But she also likes wine and cheese, pizza and pancakes, and enjoying coffee dates with her husband.

The one with the long blonde hair (It’s now a mixture of shades). But finds it a struggle to brush it everyday, so it ends up in knots and she has to get her husband to fix it. LOL

Now she is older.. Maybe wiser or not..

She his a wife, and wouldnt change that for anything.

She is her Mother. with 16 going on 17 years, who drives me to distraction, but i am so proud of her, the girl keeps me on my toes, and questions everything, but my daughter is my all.

She second guesses her choices, the good ones and the bad ones. The food that she eats, the not working out, the not doing things around the house when she should. Yes she feels old and tired a majority of the time, and she has chronic back pain. But she gets up every day and tries to push through it and make the best of what the day brings.

She is me!!!

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