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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 32

Week 32: Youngest

I have to admit that I’m fond of this theme. Not only am I the youngest child in my family, I’m the youngest grandchild of both sets of my grandparents. Were any of your ancestors the youngest in their family? What’s the most recent document you’ve found? Is there a young person who has taken an interest in your research? (Please be careful when writing about living people. Do not share their personal details.)

Quite a few of the younger cousins are interested in finding out more of the family tree. I asked my 16yr old a series of questions on what she wanted to know about her family.

1. Where did your Parents grow up?

  • My Mum Carol (D) was from the Flemington / Newmarket area in Victoria
  • My Dad (D) Rick was Born in Tasmania but grew up in St Albans Victoria.

2. Where did your parents meet?

  • I know that they met at work, in 1968. She was around 17/18 and he was 15/16. He would call her Maid Marion and she would call him Robin Hood, He would make her necklaces out of paperclips. For their first date they went to the movies and seen Yours Mine & Ours, He then took her out for tea, which was Crumpets with tomato sauce on top, she married him anyway…

3. How many siblings does both parents have & Names?

  • Carol has 2 sisters, Suzanne (D) and Jennifer.
  • Rick has an older brother Cliff and a younger sister Margaret.

4. Where were you and your siblings born and is there any siblings that I do not know about?

  • 1969 our Brother Shane was born (Still)/vic.
  • 1973 I was born in Victoria
  • 1977 Melissa was born in WA
  • 1979 Daniel was born in WA.

5. What was your favourite memory with your parents?

  • They were both very funny people, both liked to have a joke. Mum liked to dress up for all of the kids parties and she was always the life of them. Dad used to joke that he was so poor that they used chickens on their heads for party hats and instead of living in a tent they lived in a cardboard box.

6. What was your parents favourite meal and drink

  • Mum liked Homely meals like roasts . She made fantastic sausage rolls and Rum Balls.
  • Dad liked his McDonalds and he had to have an ice cold coke. He made a great Egg and Bacon Pie.

7. If you could go back in time and say something to a family member who has passed away who would it be and what would you say or ask?

  • Both of my parents,
  • I would ask them the family history.

8. Who was your childhood friend and Do you still talk now

  • I have them all on Facebook.
  • Friends from Primary school where Tracey, Tracey, Rebecka, Lisa
  • Friends from High School Naomie & Vanessa
  • Friends from my 20’s Pat & Marnie
  • Friends from work Tracey, Sandra

9. What was your favourite

  • TV Show : The Wombles – 1973 – 1975 I had the record in 1976
  • Movie: Phar Lap 1983
  • Song: Thriller 1982

10. How did your family Celebrate holidays as kids.

  • Christmas was always a fun time, the tree, lots of decorations. (and you know what I am like 😊)..
  • Easter was always a couple of eggs, New Pj’s, Flour footprints to show that the Easter Bunny had been, sometimes an egg hunt.
  • Last week I also had a prompt: Answer a Question (Aug 2), so I will use this for that prompt.


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