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Crushing on @ Kmart

So the new catalogue came out at midnight and i am loving the following items.

BASKETS  – I am obsessed with Baskets right now, and i am loving these ones. I have the pineapple on Layby for Angel.

WALK IN ROBE / ENSUITE – One of the spaces i am most looking forward to working on is the walk in robe.

  1. So thinking some of these trays for jewellery would be great.
  2. I have been wanting some more ladders to display towels, art and more.
  3. And towels we always need more of those.


  1. I love the look of these, a little touch of elegance. I have a peony one, and although i haven’t burnt it yet (it looks too pretty).

CUSHIONS – I have a stack of cushions on  layby at Target, but i can always do with more.

  1. I have the Tan Cushion already (and a second on Layby),
  2. and the Pink version of the Knot Cushion.
  3. I have yet to find the fringe one. (it’s becoming my Unicorn)

Furniture – i have lost count of how much kmart furniture we have. but i always look at the new stuff that comes out.

  1. I have been after the marble table for a while i was planning on using it in our room as a bedside table, but i ended up getting the sideboard to use for those, so might just get the sidetable to go next to the chair in our room for a lamp / plant / candle.
  2. I bought 4 of the sideboards and have a 5th one on Layby. I know crazy. I have two in our room as mentioned above, and i have two in the Family Room together (the 5th one will be for the TV).
  3. Trolley (we have last years larger one), but i am thinking of putting the bigger one somewhere else and grabbing the smaller one.
  4. Clothes Hanger. I would like to somehow use this to hang plants & art on. not sure how though.

Homewares – Bedroom makeover.

  1. Lamp – We have some concrete lamps, but i like the look of these for either side of the beds & on the table.
  2. Picture – I saw this a few weeks ago, and at that stage wasn’t sure, but the more i think about it the more i like it, and i would probably put it in our room.
  3. Vase – This is so pretty, i have no idea what i would put in it, but i can see it with the lamp and the picture. grouped together

Dining – I have the studio bookcase from Fantastic furniture, and we use that for our dinner-ware. I am collecting Black and Pink with metallics. But i have fallen for this terracotta for Wine and cheese nights.

  1. Bowl / Tray / Coasters for the table. I actually got coasters a few weeks ago from ikea, but they have vanished already.
  2. Tapas sets – another thing i initially dismissed but now i want to find.



I love the new look pet range and how well it matches the home furniture range.

Plants & Pots

For years i have avoided plants, but now its an obsession, i already have a few of these, and a lot of plants around the family room and dining room, but need so many more.


More notebooks and throws are always needed around here.

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