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My Workspace

Take a picture of your workspace


I have two prompts for today

  1. Declutter a room or workspace
  2. Take a Picture of your workspace

Whilst it’s nice and quiet i thought i would go in and look in my study.. hmmmm what a disaster, it’s being used as a junk room, not how i wanted it a all. I have started with the desk.


Simple, but quick clean up.

Time taken – 4:11pm – 4:14pm

  • I had the printer on the bookcase, but the cord does not reach the power point, so i have left it on the desk, as Jack and Angel have been using it. I will need to get another cord for the printer as it takes up so much room.
  • Moved the computer over.
  • Added the small light box i have had a few weeks and the desk accessories.
  • I took everything off the chair and put them into the Expedit.
  • There are still some baskets next to the desk that i have to sort through.


*Backdated 1 August 2018


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