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It has been a while since I did a full Currently list.

  • Achieved: Crossing several things off the To Do List, while Jack was on leave.
  • Admiring: All the new stuff at Kmart.
  • Anticipating: The new Ikea Catalogue
  • Been: Ikea, Kmart, Target…
  • Blogging: After finishing the 100 days thing I have been quiet, just getting myself back into it now.
  • Bookmarking: Sofa’s and Armchairs.
  • Buying: We bought a new sofa & an Armchair
  • Considering: Which room to work on next.
  • Cooking: We got an Air Fryer & Cast-iron Pots. It has really changed how we cook.
  • Coveting: Baskets and Plants & Boho style.
  • Craving: Something sweet but also something savoury.
  • Creating: Project Life pages.
  • Current: Watching Unsolved Mysteries.
  • Deciding: On what to buy from Target, with all the great new Homewares, was difficult. I could have gone wild in there but was restrained in what I got.
  • Digging: Amazon Prime on Apple TV.
  • Disappointed: that the rental we were given notice to move out of because we were told it was going to be sold, is up for rent again.
  • Disliking: Being sick.
  • Drinking: Coffee, lots of coffee.
  • Eating: Way too much Junk. Sabotaging myself every time I go on another “Programme”
  • Enjoying / Enjoyed: Some of the new 28 Meals.
  • Family Photo: Will take tomorrow.
  • Feeling: Sick. Massive Headache, Ringing in the ears, Stomach Pain, Whole body /joint pain, Eyes will not stop watering.
  • Finally: Feeling slightly better after putting some Vicks on and making up a Hot Water Bottle.
  • Following: Instagram stories. You can end up losing hours on that thing.
  • Habit: I have been terrible at this lately. not drinking water, not working out, not using treadmill, not doing a great deal really.
  • Happening: Not a lot, Pets are still sleeping, Jack and Angel are both still at work.
  • Happy: That the house is coming together. It’s taking time but we are getting rooms done one by one.
  • Hearing: Birds in my ears.
  • Hoping: That Toad and Mandy win House Rules.
  • Keeping: Busy! Or procrastinating. I have been working on this blog post all day
  • Liking: The Project 14 2.0 Course
  • Listening: Adam Brand’s Milestones CD. I have lost count how many times I have listened to it I love it.
  • Location: We went to Ballarat and Creswick (found My Grandmother’s, great grandparents and great great grandparents graves)
  • Looking: At our silly dog run up and down the back yard like a lunatic.
  • Loving: The Becky Higgins Photo course.
  • Main Goal This Week: To finish what I started.
  • Making: Pies In the Kmart Pie Maker. We love this thing.
  • Marvelling: At how quiet it is when I am the only one at home and the pets are all asleep.
  • Needing / Need to Finish: BH Course, P14 2.0 Course (I watched the videos I needed to catch up on yesterday).
  • Not Digging: Breaking a nail.
  • Noticing: That I feel somewhat better since doing myself up on Iboprophen, Nasonex, eye drops.
  • Opening: Parcels, not that I have had that many lately.
  • Planning: I spent yesterday working on my planner, updating things, adding things, fixing things.
  • Playing: Colour By Numbers / Pixel Art.
  • Pondering: What to buy from the new Kmart Home Living range.
  • Reading: About the only thing I have read is Facebook.
  • Sewing: Nope… But I am thinking about taking up Macrame.
  • Smelling: I can’t my heads all blocked up..
  • Snacking: WAY too MUCH
  • Sorting: My head out, so many things going around in it, most of it pointless.
  • Waiting: Until Angel gets home.
  • Wanting: To rewind time, Jack bought a Fitbit Aria 2 (Our first one died last year before leaving Tasmania). Well I set the new one up and stood on it only for it to tell me that I am now over 100kgs ☹
  • Wasting: The day away watching Unsolved Mysteries.
  • Watching: House Rules, the Final is tonight.
  • Wearing: Layers upon Layers, it is getting cold.
  • Weather: Cold.. Cold.. Cold..
  • Wishing: I didn’t feel so unwell.
  • Wondering: Why Pixel Art Build is so addictive.
  • Working On: My Planner.
  • Working Out: Back on 28, although i am yet to do a workout

A combination of Prompts from

  • VeggiMumma
  • Pip @Meet me at Mikes
  • Amy Tangerine
  • Kellie Winnell
  • with a couple of my Own thrown in.

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