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Hello Saturday,

Getting ready to go to bed around 11pm last night, Jack went out to feed the dog, and came back in and we noticed that there where people in the new build behind us with torches, and trying to close the back sliding door. They must have been in there around 20 odd minutes, He called the police, they sent out two cars, 4 officers and a chopper (i am not kidding), by the time the police arrived the people that had been in the house where gone. So after trying to go to bed early i was still awake at 12:30 – 1am. 

Where you one of the people that got up in the early hours of the morning to watch the Eclipse. Jack was. He set the alarm for it, it went off at 3:30am, which woke me up, i stayed in bed for around an hour and then received a PM from him, to come downstairs and look at the eclipse. Unusually we had no cloud cover. 5:30am I had a shower and went back to bed.

Meaning i am struggling to keep my eyes open this morning (looking at the clock it’s now midday).

Jack goes back to work next week, and Angel’s started working again, so I may have some quiet time next week to catch up on the two courses that i started a few weeks back. 

Still have a stack of things to cross off the to do list. 

Meanwhile is it bedtime yet????




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