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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 29

Week 29: Music
This should be a fun prompt. Do you know of a musical relative? (According to my dad, my great-uncle Pete could play anything that had strings.) If not, what about an ancestor with a musical name? Place names can be musical as well. Any ancestors from New Harmony, Indiana or Trumpet Island, Maine? (Or take inspiration from classic rock: Chicago, Boston, Kansas… What was it in the ’70s with naming bands after places?) I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

When I saw this prompt

it reminded me of seeing photos of my grandparents playing the Trumpet and wondering what the full story to the photos were.

it reminded me of when my Mum was pregnant with me, and her and Dad where at his bosses place for dinner and the music came on and I started kicking Mum, and Dad’s boss called me the stereo kid, I was born the next day.

it reminded me of seeing Kamahl at my Great Aunts 80th Birthday party when I was 4.

it reminded me of hearing my grandfather on the Radio in the early 1980’s Singing Love Letters in the Sand on the 3 gongs show.

it reminded me of Jack teaching Angel how to play the guitar, and the three guitars and keyboard we have upstairs.

it reminded me of the great love I have for music, and how some songs can remind me of those I love, the songs played at my Parents Funerals. Of when I’ve had the time of my life comes on, it reminds me of my Nephews Funeral, and that it has been 19 years since he passed away.

It reminded me about my Nan and her Slim Dusty crush, and how we used to tease her about it, and when I hear the song Looking Forward Looking Back, it reminds me of her.

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