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Today Adam Brands Milestones CD came out (Mine hasn’t arrived yet :() so i bought it on iTunes (was planning to do this at some stage anyway).

Adam has been the soundtrack of my last 20 years. 

From first seeing him at Bibra Lake Speedway in his Orange Jumpsuit and hearing Dirt Track Cowboy, Our pre elopement Honeymoon where we travelled across australia and had his CD’s playing constantly in the car. Road Tips all over the place. A constant on my playlist. He has been part of our life. 

I couldn’t love a CD more (Unless it was Jimmy Barnes), so many memories. Our own Milestones (Even on our Wedding Day). Songs that have gotten me through some of the worst moments of life and songs that make me smile when they come on. Songs that remind me of people that i know, places we have lived, and are yet to go. 

The familiar intros that start and I instantly start tapping my feet and bobbing my head from side-to-side. Lyrics that resonate with me, that i have written down because they spoke from the heart. One in particular “I wish you every happiness and may you always have the best of the good things in life” i have used on cards and notes for friends and families weddings days. I have made notes in my Life story book of which ones i want played at my funeral, i think i am to 4 of them now. 

I know that this will be one CD that i will be playing for many years to come as we continue to make our own Milestones. 



This post started out as a prompt – Use the 4 & 14th word from a blog post. i tried that and came up with “Good is the new Loved”. Well that made 0 sense, So milestones it became,



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