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Five Favourite things


  1. Apple TV – A few weeks ago i finally got around to buying an Apple TV… Ok so why the heck did i wait so long to buy one.. I am loving it. Especially how easy it now makes it to watch the courses that i am doing online.
  2. Kmart Furniture – We picked up a layby yesterday of 4 of the new Oak Sideboards, 1 Oak Coffee Table, 1 Oak Hallway Table. (i also bought an oak side table, an ottoman, and some other bits and pieces). (Yes i did get 4 of the Sideboards, 2 for our room, one for the family room, and one for the living room (where we have put the old couch).
  3. Cast Iron Pots – I was looking for a cake pan on the Harris Scarfe website for the Kmart Air Fryer and i saw the Cast Iron Pots (can recall brand) the RRP was 119 each and they where down to 44.95 (i got The Casserole and the Braissier). I have pretty much used them both each day for the past week. We have cooked up roasts, soup, and more. I would love the big named brand ones, but really couldn’t justify the price. I got them in Almond colour (a creamy white) to go with the mason cash stuff i got. Have decided that all kitchen stuff will be White / Cream / Glass / Rose Gold / Wood (pictures are Black & White).
  4. Felt Memo Board – (Above) I bought this before we moved house so probably 8 weeks ago or more. Angel decided that she wanted to put something on it, so i crawled through pinterest and found a saying similar to the last part, i changed it to suit us, but we added the to do list at the top. Love the pop of pink against the white.
  5. Aldi clothes airer. I grabbed this yesterday, but not to use as a clothes airer, to use as a display prop. I knew I had a Macrame Wall Hanging coming from EzyBuy (It turned up this morning) and planned to display it on the other Ladder I have, This area is a work in progress and where one of the sideboards i got will go in front of it, so i may need to prop it up on something.



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