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100 Days of All About Me Day #100: What’s Next?

Day #100: What are you looking forward to most in the next year?
Is there something exciting coming up in your life? A trip? A new adventure? An exciting birthday or anniversary? What are you most looking forward to?

Day 100 WOW. I did it.. yes I batched some days at once, and backtracked a few times, but I did it. So what next.

Well at the moment I am doing two courses which I am already getting a lot out of.

  • Project 14 2.0 via Leanne from Leanne Baker Daily Planners.
  • Beck Higgins Photo Tips and Workflow.

Blog wise

  • I’m going to work through the almost 500 prompts that I have in my drafts folder, don’t panic they won’t be all at once.
  • I often do a month of posts in September, but not sure if I will yet.
  • I will still continuing with my regular posts
  • 52 Ancestors
  • 52 Family Photos
  • Beltane Monthly Family Photo
  • Project Life
  • Coffee & Chat
  • Set me up Sunday
  • House updates & tours
  • Getting organised for Halloween, Angels 17th Birthday, Christmas
  • Week in the life
  • 12 on 12 (Which is due tomorrow)
  • Day in the Life
  • December Daily
  • Health & Fitness Updates

Until next post

Nic xxx

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