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100 Days of All About Me Day #99: What Are Your Night-time Rituals?

Day #99: What are your night-time rituals?
What do you do before bed each night? Do you have a routine that you stick to? Do you take a shower, lay out your clothes, set the coffee pot? How do you settle in for the night?

I try but rarely ever works. I spend way too much time watching TV. Really doesn’t help that Jack’s shifts are so all over the place. Ideally I would start getting ready for bed around 10:30. Finishing off any emails, blog posts, tv shows and then checking my planner for what’s happening the next day. Walk around checking the house and turning off what feels like 500 lights. Say good night to the pets.

When I actually get to bed I put my phone on charge, take my hair-tie out and fling it on the box next to my bed (I’m currently waiting on new bedside tables). (Sometimes have a shower) Get changed, and hop into the bed, roll over and read my phone for the next two to three hours.

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