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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks: Week 28

Week 28: Travel
Travel is a part of many of our ancestors’ lives. Traveling across an ocean or a continent for life in a new land. Traveling to a different state to elope. Traveling for work, either as a salesman or working the railroads or canals. Traveling for vacation. What ancestral travel tales have you found?

Many relatives have travelled the seas for new lives in other countries.

In 1926 My Great Grandfather Aubrey and Great Grandmother Dorothy did just that Packing up there Two Girls Betty & Peggy and Young Son Robert (My Grandfather) for a new life in Australia. They Boarded the Beltania on 12th October and arrived in Australia on the 26th. Aubrey and Dorothy set the Family up in Sunshine Victoria, where they lived for many years.

Robert met and Married Lillian and they travelled to Tasmania (He worked as a Fettler for the Emu Bay Railway) where my Dad was born in 1953, Then latter across Australia to live in Western Australia.

My Grandmother travelled quite a bit after my grandfather passed away. She went to Queensland (Where she was born), and also The Northern Territory / New South Wales. She loved getting out and having adventures.

My Dad wasn’t much of a traveller himself, he did the same trip from WA to Victoria many times, but as far as I am aware he never went back to Tasmania and never travelled anywhere else.

My Mum did the Nullarbor trip, and also went to the Northern Territory on the Ghan, Her and my Stepfather also went to Tasmania. I think she travelled to NSW as well, can’t remember. But they did travel a fair bit.

I was born in 1973 in Victoria, and at a year old travelled to WA. Over the following years I have made that trip many times with My Parents, siblings, grandmother by Car, Bus & Train. In 2000 Jack and I went on our “Honeymoon” (we eloped when we got back) from WA / South Australia / Victoria / NSW & ACT and back. 2009 we went on a cruise to New Zealand (going from WA / SA / VIC / TAS / NZ / NSW), 2011 we went to Indonesia on a cruise, 2013 we travelled to Melbourne and then onto the Gold Coast. And then movie from Tasmania to Victoria on the Spirit of Tasmania.

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