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100 Days of All About Me Day #94: What Was a Big Change in Your Life




Day #94: When was a big change in your life?

February 2012 Mum Passed Away | September 2012 We Moved to Tasmania.

Mum dying really affected me, (Dad did too) I guess even all these years later it still does. It has been a huge learning curve living without her. For me, it has meant that I no longer have her to bounce ideas off of. I can’t ask her questions. I miss her calling a couple of times a week. That took a long time to deal with. She would have been so proud of her grandkids, and Family. She would have loved visiting us in Tasmania as she loved it there. And as she was from Melbourne she would have loved that too.

Life has a funny way of working things out. When I was pregnant with Angel, Jack was transferred to Adelaide, we fought tooth and nail and even had Mum and the Base Chaplin write letters on our behalf to stay in WA. We did. But I often wonder where we would be now. It would have meant we would have missed out on a lot of Family things (in a way we did because we lived so far out of Perth).

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