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State of my Year

State of your year. Write up a mid-year “State of My Year” post.

It’s now July. I have moved twice in less than 12 months. Tasmania to Melbourne and then just moved again last month.

I am tired. So very tired. Tired of packing and unpacking. Tired of not being able to find shit. I feel like everytime I look for something it’s still in a box, or just missing..

I was so tired the other day, that i was sitting watching the Lego House Documentary (it could have been the documentary), and falling asleep, so I said to Jack “I’m going to go and lie down”. I get up to the bedroom lay down on the bed, and bam eyes wide open..

And I need a couch, just a simple no fuss, I want to fall asleep during the day sort of couch. It’s like trying to win the freaking lotto, they are either too hard, too soft, too expensive or the delivery fee is the cost of a second couch.

I feel like every part of me aches, and when I think I am over the aching another part that has never ached before decides to fall apart.

Now that we have moved so far out of “Town” Jack has take up riding his bike, (We still don’t own a car), and he is talking about getting a third bike for himself. Sigh!!!!!

And omg the amount of people losing their mind over the plastic bag ban.. if i had a $ for everyone that i have heard complain about it.. I would be able to buy a couch and get it delivered, and then get some sleep.




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