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Set me Up Sunday

How fast does Sunday roll around, we are now in the 7 month of the year.. Unbelievable.

Menu Plan

Since getting the Cookey for the Thermomix we have been using that. We also bought an Air Fryer from Kmart. I also bought a  set of Cast Iron Casserole and Braising Skillet which hopefully arrive during the week.

  • Monday | Layered Chicken Dinner – Thermomix
  • Tuesday | Baked Pumpkin & Beef Stew – Thermomix
  • Wednesday | Butter Chicken – Thermomix
  • Thursday | Lamb Stew – Casserole dish. 
  • Friday | Fake-Away Friday – Air Fryer
  • Saturday | Tomato Soup with Ham & Cheese Wands – Thermomix
  • Sunday |  Sunday Roast – Air Fryer / Oven


I sat down and re-worked these, as it was just a bit of a mess the way i had it before.


  • Entry – Tidy any shoes up, Floor (SVM),
  • Study – Floor (V)
  • Powder Room – Swish and swipe (V)
  • Hallway from entry to living room (SVM)

  • Downstairs – living areas – Tidy all areas, remove rubbish and items not meant to be in rooms, (SVM)



  • Kitchen – Wipe down cupboards & Benches, put dishes away or in the dishwasher.
  • Laundry – put a load of washing on. Check toilet paper and pet food stocks add them to the grocery list.

  • Upstairs – Bedrooms – Make beds, put any clothes away or in the wash.
  • Games Room (including stairs and landing),

  • Upstairs – Bathrooms

  • Outside

  • Set me up Sunday
  • Menu Planning

(SVM – Sweep, Vacuum, Mop)


  • Project Life
  • 52 Ancestors
  • 52 family photos

On The Agenda

I have signed up for two courses and both start this month.

  • Project 14 2.0 with Leanne from Leanne Baker Daily.
  • Beck Higgins Photo Tips and Workflow course.



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