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Self Care Sunday

Tell us how you take care of you.

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Taking care of myself is something I should be making more of an effort in. I am thinking July I need to get back into a routine of doing so.

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Lots of rest and relaxation are good for the heart, mind, body and soul 

So here are my Top Ten things that I should be doing: 

  1. Eat Breakfast. I probably have breakfast a couple of times a week. When I should be making it my main meal of the day rather than a wait until lunchtime or later to eat kind of meal.
  2. Drink more water (we have been making Lemonade, so need to cut down on the sugar too).
  3. Drink Less coffee. I drink way to much coffee, which is one of the reasons I can’t sleep.
  4. A lot less time on my phone. I make Jack and Angel put their phones away at night, but I take mine to bed with me, it’s the last thing i do before going to sleep, and the first thing i do when waking up.
  5. Eat Better. I eat at odd hours and some of the food I eat isn’t exactly the best for me.
  6. Take care of my hair. Buy a better brush for one. Wash it more and with better shampoo and conditioner.
  7. Look after my nails better. I usually have my nails quite long. But May / June all but one broke 😦
  8. My Mum always said that you need to wear moisturiser. (make an effort to do this). I need to make this part of my nightly routine.
  9. Walk on the treadmill for ten minutes a day. I did a Minute a few days ago.. yay NOT!
  10. Go to bed earlier. Going to bed between midnight and 3am really isn’t the best idea, especially since i end up waking up between 6-9am.

Turn the music up.

Dance around the room

& celebrate how great life is


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