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Changes, Updates and To-Do’s part 4



I hope that this will be the last on this subject, i have included all posts into one.

ALL followers from 20th of June going forward will be deleted. I have removed the follow buttons, but somehow people are still able to follow the blog. Short of making it a private blog i am not sure what else to do.

I discussed a few days ago about the possibility of changing my blog to no followers and turning off comments. I am still getting the most random of people following as this is a family blog i want to put a stop to it now before it gets out of hand.. See the poll below.

Comments: What?????

Is anyone else sick and tired of these????? It seems i am getting more and more of them. Between that and fake followers, wordpress really needs to do something about it, because its tiresome, frustrating and downright annoying…. I was going to leave it until the end of the month but it looks like i may have to turn off several things.

Followers & Unwanted EmailsFollowers & Unwanted EmailsI would rather be spending my time writing new content rather than policing spam in the guise of new “Followers” / “Unwanted Emails”.

  • FOLLOWERS – I recently wrote a post on Followers, whilst i had hoped that i had fixed the issue, it has only gotten worse to the point if the spam emails continue i am going to have to approve followers, and quiet frankly that’s not something i want to do, so for the sake of my sanity and enjoyment for others stop.


  • UNWANTED EMAILS – Since adding my new Domain i have been inundated with spam emails in regards to setting up a blog / website / logos and more. I am NOT interested in these services, i am happy enough doing my own thing so save your time and don’t bother sending me this crap. They all just get blocked. 

To Do List

I think i am finally at the tail end of that mammoth to do list.


Blog Maintenance 

  • Update Domain – Done
  • Change Theme – Done
  • Work on Sidebars – Done
  • Fix Widgets – Done
  • Fix Categories and Tags on over 7000 Posts – in progress
  • Update Featured photos – in progress. Done
  • New header – done
  • New Logo – Done

Posts I’m working on (See more info below)

  • Meal plan Monday – Done
  • Coffee & Chat – Done
  • Set me up Sunday – Done
  • Mother’s Day – Done
  • Little Letters – Done
  • 100 days – in progress (Up to date)
  • 52 Ancestors – in progress (Up to date)
  • Project Life – in progress (Up to date)
  • Week in the Life – Done
  • Photos – FMS, WITL, PL, 12 on 12. (Done)
  • Facebook
  • Planner – goals and update (Done)
  • Handbag update
  • Weightloss

Rukristin’s 100 Days All about Me

  • 100 Days 1 – 85 Done
  • 100 days 86 – 100

52 Ancestors

  • Week 1-25 Done
  • Week 26 In Progress – 30 May 21 – July 29
  • Week 31 – 40 July 30 – Oct 7
  • Week 41 – 50 Oct 8 – Dec 16
  • Week 50 – 52 Dec 17 – 31

Project Life

  • Week 1-25 Done
  • Week 26 – 30 May 21 – July 29
  • Week 31 – 40 July 30 – Oct 7
  • Week 41 – 50 Oct 8 – Dec 16
  • Week 50 – 52 Dec 17 – 31

Week in the Life

  • Day 1 / 7 Done
  • Family History

This is ongoing and I would ideally like to work on it more but spent most of Feb / March working on Family history and as you can see the blog got neglected. – Work on A book a week,  letters to loved ones, Sort ten photos,

Facebook (Not blog)

  • Project 14 – Done
  • Project 14 2.0 Starts in July

Luke Hines

  • Cancelled


  • 52 Family photos – Next project to work on.
  • Week in the life – Done
  • Project life – Done

Order / Buy

  • Kindle
  • Camera Bag
  • Look at getting a new camera
  • Get a Light box for Flat lays – Done

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