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Friday Faves…


The Cookidoo for the Thermomix came this morning, i wasn’t expecting it until next monday / tuesday. So have spent much of the day adding Categories and Lists and synching them up. (Shortbread above made by Angel Last Night).


My new chair arrived a few days ago. (It is tiny).


I have been playing around with this spot for days. I just can’t get it right. I would love to have 4 Ikea Hemnes Glass-door cabinet with 3 drawers along this wall, with a chaise lounge and some plants.

The Mason Cash items arrived, and they are OUTSTANDING. A really amazing product that i am thrilled to have in our kitchen. We have already made use of the rolling pin and juicer.


The Ezy Buy stuff came as well. I currently have the throw on the table as a table cloth, with the servery basket and Cutlery tray. Next on the list is to get some nice cutlery that can stay on the table.

Things a slowly coming together and i am loving how it’s all looking. Still need to get lounges and work on the other lounge area and hallway.

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