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Set me up Sunday

This week I want to concentrate on the downstairs rooms of the house.


I am still trying to work out the Zones for Zone Cleaning here.

Tidy, Rubbish run, Dust, Floor (vac, mop).

  • Monday : Entry, Study, Stairs, Hallway, Upstairs Landing
  • Tuesday : Living, Family, Games
  • Wednesday : Kitchen, Butlers, Walk in Pantry, Laundry
  • Thursday : Bedrooms – Master, Angels, Angels beauty Room, Jack’s Study.
  • Friday: Main Bathroom, Ensuite, Upstairs & Downstairs Powder Rooms.
  • Saturday: Outside, Garage
  • Sunday: Set me up sunday, meal planning.

All rooms – Tidy Up and remove everything that shouldn’t be there.

  • Entry – Organise shoe cupboard, move mirrors.
  • Study – (J) expedite together, Put all books / craft into expedite. Set the treadmill. workout area up (this is partly done). I set up the bookcases and desk space with Angel the other day.
  • Powder Room – Add Picture, Plants, Candle.
  • Stairs – Put white chair back (currently using it in the Family Room).  plants. find somewhere for the trunk to go.
  • Living Room – get rid of boxes, move chilli cupboard. This room is being used as a catchall area, and it bugs me when i walk past it or come down the stairs.
  • Dining Room – (J) Put bench together. New stuff for table should arrive, just stuff for the table, going to use the throw for the middle of the table, and also get a table runner. This room is mostly done.


  • Family Room –  New arm chair should arrive.
  • Kitchen – New kitchen stuff should arrive.
  • Butlers Pantry / Walk In Pantry – Finish putting things away. (I have changed it three times since moving in).
  • Laundry – organise. plant, candle.

Meal Plan.

I am meant to be on the Luke Hines program, hmm not working out so well. I had no idea what to cook, we have a lot of chicken so need to use some of it up. Ended up ordering a Cookkey for our Thermomix, so while is was on Cookidoo did a quick meal plan up.

  • Monday : Inside Out Chicken Parmigiana
  • Tuesday : Bolognese
  • Wednesday : Spice Rubbed Chicken with Maple Glaze
  • Thursday : Chooky Rice
  • Friday: Herbed Chicken Hors D’oeuvres
  • Saturday: Ricotta Gnocchi
  • Sunday: Chicken and Cashews



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