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Favourite Things: Kitchen Edition


Jack emailed me in regards to something on a website, and it was great, but i decided to look further down the email and found a brand i had seen a few months ago and forgot about.

I started adding all of these great things to my cart, and then i started adding more.

The brand is

Mason Cash

I got the two canisters for our new coffee station as things are either in odd containers or coffee can & also the cake tins as we have started baking now we have a new oven to play with.

It was the Measuring Cups that caught my eye on the email and as i tried out the ones i currently had a few days ago and made a huge mess i knew i needed some new ones. I also got the Measuring Jug, Pinch Bowls and Mixing Bowl. I have a similar mixing bowl that i absolutely love to use, but as i was already buying other pieces i had to grab this, and i love that it tilts.

What really sold me on this brand was the Utensils, they all do multiple things. I sent the Roller Shaker pic to Jack and he was sold just on that. I have been checking out the Brands YouTube, other socials & Website, and found that the roller fits in the Utensil Jar. (the Jar top is also a trivet for hot pans). I bought a set of new Utensils from Kmart this week, (ones at the end) very similar colour pallet too..

  • I got a spoon rest (nothing bugs me more than jack leaving his coffee spoon on the bench).
  • A Pudding Basin. (looking forward to trying this)
  • Juicer – Well because it drives me mad having to get the Kitchenaid one out.

My mission now is to find the Egg dish, Garlic store & scraper.

Also on my list is a trip to kmart to get some new baking dishes. We threw our old ones out and i spotted these in Kmart recently.

Another thing i need to go through and probably replace is all the Oven Trays & Cake Pans. I bought a bread tin from Ikea earlier in the year, so might get them from there or kmart.

We have been living here two weeks now and i have managed to do two things. Both the same, and both make me smile everytime i look at them. Now i am getting new making cups etc they will go in the baking drawer. My knives are like my children, and where previously stored in the top kitchen drawer in a plastic container.

I still need to work on the other drawers and cupboards, but feel like i am getting somewhere.

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