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100 Days of All About Me Day #75: What’s One Piece of Advice Y ou Would Give Your Teenage Self?

Day #75: What’s one piece of advice you would give your teenage self?

· What’s one piece of advice you could take from them?

Dear Teenage Self,

You may think that you know everything but guess what you know absolutely nothing. Later in life where all is said and done, and everyone is gone you are going to wish that you listened to my words of wisdom… Take the time to spend time with your Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles. Listen to what they have to say. Take notes on what they are talking about. Take the time to just spend time with them. When they pull out photo albums, encourage them to tell you about who is in them, get them to write notes next to the photo. Ask questions about what life was like for them as kids, about their parents and grandparents. Make memories with them that you can pass on to your own kids. Instead of sitting behind the camera, hop in the photo, years from now when you are telling your own families about who someone is and they ask well why aren’t you in the photo, what are you going to tell them…

Love Future Self…


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