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Little Letters

Dear Jack, 

Thank you for everything that you do, Thank you for cleaning the old place, moving everything over to the new one and starting to get things organised, for putting things together as well as going to work, Uni and back and forth to the old place. I love you xxx

Love, Cole xxx

Dear Self, 

Ok body, I am kind of over all of this pain now. Like really over it..  Sore throat… BLEH! Every part of my body feels like it has an ache or pain running through it. Like every part of my body. Taste buds are shot. Try and drink coffee, tastes terrible, Try and drink tea, can’t finish a cup. Head feels like Thor’s hammer is thumping inside of it. Boom, boom, thud, thud!!!

Over it…  

Dear Diary, 

A million things on the to do list, and i don’t feel like doing any of them. Jack never seems to be here, now with the extra travel, uni, work etc. Lots of tradies coming through the new place to do little jobs that hadn’t been done, still a couple more to go. 

Feel’s never ending

Dear Reality TV People on House Rules, 

OMG!!! there are some very ungrateful people in this world, and each year House Rules seems to get a few of them. Be Thankful, you get a new house out of it, and a majority of them the houses value has increased, so even if you don’t win the prize money of your mortgage being paid off you still have an amazing, functional home to live in. 

Be happy with what you get….


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