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Getting organised

I’m sitting in the new place watching home design / display / decor videos on YouTube.

Jack dropped me off here and he and Angel have gone to take the hire car back, pick up the truck to move all of the furniture and boxes over.

He has done a fair bit in the last two days with the car, but it will only get so much here and at 20 minutes there and pack and 20 back and then unpack it’s a time consuming job, add to this he has also been working night shift those two days.

The cats are here, getting them selves used to the place.

I keep looking around at all that needs to be done, but not having the main things here prevents me from doing a whole lot, and I don’t want to clutter the spaces as things like the fridge, couches need to be put in.

One thing I have started is the walk-in pantry, it’s a work in progress as new stuff comes in I have to adjust other spots. But I’m loving having this space. And yes that’s our cat hiding in there on our first night in the house. Today is day 3 and she has been walking around and quite happy basking in the lovely sunshine that comes through the back half of the house.

Also happening today is we are picking up our new bed and dining setting.

I also ordered the above for the dining & entry hall.

I have so many ideas going on in my head. Mostly I am looking for a Hamptons / Industrial feel. Lots of black and white, some moody greys and a touch of blush and rose gold.

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