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Day: June 3, 2018


Im toying with a couple of ideas for the Hallway. I love the look of the industrial feel but I have a white Hallway stand (see below). it will be […]


One of the main things I remembered in the less than ten minutes we spent in the house last Saturday was the stairs. I just loved the look of the […]

Dining Room

I have touched on this in the previous two posts but wanted so share a little of the space before we get the table today. As you can see it’s […]

Living Rooms

There are 4 living rooms in this house. Jack was going through the kitchen drawers and found the cabinet plans for the house and we found out that it’s A […]

Getting organised

I’m sitting in the new place watching home design / display / decor videos on YouTube. Jack dropped me off here and he and Angel have gone to take the […]