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100 Days of All About Me Day #56: What Are Your Design Preferences?


Day #56: What are your design preferences?

What is your aesthetic? I am very eclectic, I like to collect lots of odd and strange pieces. But I have been trying to pair this down lately, so I have a more cleaner feel.. mind you I have a Husband, a 16yr old, a Labrador and 2 cats. Life is always going to be messy..

Are you a minimalist? Hahaha no way, I am a hoarder. I want to be a minimalist. I want the clean lines and clean spotless house..

Do you love bright and bold or more muted neutrals and rustics? Neutrals and Rustic in a perfect world, and I have been trying to bring more of those tones in, in the Scandi colourings I have, I was looking at going industrial, but jack’s not keen on it, so back to Scandi with a touch of French Provincial.

What do you have in your home? A mix of Scandi, Industrial. (We moved June 1) so I am in the process of updating old furniture for more comfortable new pieces.

What do you use in your art? I love art and would have it in every room if I could, but I am limited in what I can have as we haven’t been able to hang pictures.


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