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Have you read The life changing Magic of Tidying up?

Have you read The life changing Magic of Tidying up?

I read the book a couple of years ago, I still haven’t finished sorting things but I did learn a few things from it.

Just read on a friends post on Facebook a dilemma of getting rid of sentimental items.

I suggested a couple of these ideas (I have expanded on it more in this post)

If not Sentimental is always the last of the tasks to work through as it is the hardest and holds so much emotion. It’s difficult to work through items that belonged to other people. I have all mine in groups. The Ikea Expedite (now Kallax) has been my godsend, all of my family history stuff, and the plastic bins go in it, it’s all in one spot and I can locate something at a moment’s notice.




Photos / memorabilia: I use the black expander files from Kmart/woollies ours are labelled by decade, Angel’s by year until next year & then I have one for either side of my parents families.


These are currently in little suitcases. Jack and I have started scanning them, but things have been a bit busy. I have started to put the already scanned copies in a photo album with a label next to what they are. We started a group for the family and they can access the scanned copies from there.



I store all of these together. Most of my photos are either in albums, scrapbooks of Memorabilia files. (see other sections). Mine are all sorted by Family (This has taken many hours / months / years) to sort through so it’s not a quick process. So I suggest doing things in batches or time limits (15 minutes or sort 50 photos). This is where the expander files have come in handy. They are labelled and I can easily find where I need to put a photo. Photos of people that you are unsure of? These are part of my Unidentified Project. They all go in a white file.


I think I already posted about all of the books I bought from Booktopia in Feb / March / April. When I have time I pick a book and add a few pages of memories / journaling into it. These also are kept on the Ikea Expedite.


Books I have made, been given etc. Are kept in the Expedite or in the trunk.


Yes I have many years of planners / diaries that hold so many memories (again in a plastic box), I have toyed with throwing them out but they hold birth / death etc dates in them and until I can go through each one and take notes down into one book they stay. An address book for notes / dates is a great idea too. I have been searching for a good birthday book and can’t find one.


A few years ago I bought a large trunk from the reject shop, that has photo boxes, books and other larger pieces of memorabilia, it can fit behind the couch and is out of the way..

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