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Little Letters

I can’t even recall when I last wrote one of these, it’s been a while.

Dear Readers, Sorry about the influx of posts. Once I decided to do the 100 days project I just wanted to get as many done as I could. I am now caught up with those and also the 52 Ancestors ones. Next I will be adding photos and updating posts and tags.

Dear Life, Stop throwing so many grenades at me I can’t deal with all of them at once.

Dear Body, I know you are aging, You can’t run up the stairs and not expect something to happen. On Saturday I ran up the stairs to get Angel’s phone and my leg crumbled beneath me, It’s now Tuesday and it’s only just starting to feel better. I have been unable to put any pressure on it since it happened.

Dear future house, I am wishing for you big time. P.s Come on Universe I need this …

Dear Asher, What is your problem, stop meowing at me.

Dear Harry & Meghan, Congratulations on your wedding, It was wonderful. Meagan you looked stunning.

Love Nic….


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