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100 Days of All About Me Day #50

Day #50: Who are your friends?

I am very much a lone wolf. I tend to spend a majority of my time on my own.

My very best friend is Jack (I met him in 2000, via a Yahoo Group).

I have old Friends who I have known for over 20 years (my three best girls all live in WA and I live in Victoria). I was stoked on mother’s day when all three commented on a status I made.

  • N (who I met in year 10 in 1990)
  • P (who I met via a Cooking school 1993 or 4)

have met but neither have met

  • M (who I met via a Yahoo Group / forum, I met her in 1998).

I have “Facebook” friends, and old school friends who I regularly talk to online, many of them I have known since Angel was a baby or before that, they are my “Sisters”, they have been “With” me through many of my life journeys and stood by me when I needed them to be there.

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