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Set me up Sunday

With us preparing to move i am going to have to get back into an organised routine. Yesterday we had some issues with Angel, So i set her up her own list. (Won’t share it as it’s just for her / us). So thought that it maybe time for an update for me.  


I am on the Luke Hines 10 Program at the moment. I have altered a few of the meals. 

  • Monday / Steak with pumpkin and walnut salad
  • Tuesday / Cherry Tomato Meatza
  • Wednesday / Coconut Schnitzel and Guacamole
  • Thursday / The Best Beef Burger
  • Friday / Fresh Chicken and Chips
  • Saturday / Chicken Pesto Plate
  • Sunday / Bangin Beef Cheek Curry with Broccoli Rice


With us moving into an as yet unknown space, i need to re-evaluate these spaces. 


  • Monday / Living Rooms   
  • Tuesday /  Kitchen 
  • Wednesday / Small spaces (Laundry – Cleaning, Hallway’s, Stairs)
  • Thursday / Bedrooms 
  • Friday / Bathrooms 
  • Saturday / Outdoors 
  • Sunday / Set me up sunday.  (Project Life, 1SE, ) 


  • 15 Minute Tidy / Dishes in Dishwasher, Benches, quick living room tidy. 
  • Laundry – Washing / 
  • Pets / 


  • Look for a rental. {create a shortlist of them}.
  • Figure out what we want to keep / get rid of.


  • A good nights sleep. (Hilarious)
  • House Rules.
  • Completing projects (I will post an update on this shortly)


  • Loving / The Royal Wedding
  • Watching – House Rules, Masterchef, Neighbours, Home & Away, Greys Anatomy, This is Us. 
  • Reading / nothing. 
  • Wishing for / A new rental without all of the hassles associated with looking for one. (HAHAHA!)
  • Enjoyed / Our wine and cheese night for the Royal Wedding. 

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