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100 Days of All About Me Day #46


Day #46: Are you an organized person?

I would like to think I am, or I at least try to be as organised as I can. I think for me I am a visual person, so I write a lot of lists and organise my headspace first and then I go about organising the area / space / thing I want to organise.

I am always looking at ways to be more organized? Weather that be via a planner or a list, or using containers, Jars.


  • Living areas – Rattan & Cane baskets (Kmart, Big W, Target, Ikea, Woolworths, Coles, Bunnings). Expedite (Ikea Kallax)
  • Kitchen – Pantry – Kmart Containers for all packet food. Jars for bulk foods such as Pasta, Flours, Rice. Wire Baskets – This week’s dinner, Sauces / oils, Left over spices
  • Fridge – Plastic Containers (Condiments, sauces). Plastic containers with handles (vegetables / salad etc.
  • Fruit / Veg – Ikea Stand that sits on the bench. Kmart stand (In Laundry)
  • Bathroom – trays (perfume / moisturiser), fabric basket (moisturiser) Plastic turntable (nail polish and odds and ends)
  • Jewellery – Over the door Hanger, Jewellery Boxes, jars, containers, hangers.

I try and Alphabetize my CD’s / DVD’s but Angel gets into them and messes the whole thing up.

My Books are organised in Categories – Family History, Scrapbooks etc.

I wear basic Black, Grey for Colours, So my robe reflects that as I there isn’t a lot of colour.

Photos are the hardest thing to organise I suck at digital organization. I recently started organising them as they are a mess, it’s a topic that I have to work on.

Printed photos are all in Labelled files


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