Changes, Updates and To-Do’s


You will have noticed already a few changes happening with the blog, with the number one being a Domain name change from thebeltanedaily / to nicbeltane.comMy blog payment was due a few weeks ago and I decided it was also a goodtime to change the domain. Little did I know then, what I know now so glad I chose the name I did.

The name will also be changing to more on that shortly.

To Do List

My To-Do list seems to be growing by the day. I have so many things to catch up on.


Blog Maintenance 

I am slowly working on these each day so overtime you may notice little tweaks and changes on here.

  • Update Domain – Done
  • Change Theme – Done
  • Work on Sidebars – in progress
  • Fix Widgets – in progress
  • Fix Categories and Tags on over 7000 Posts – in progress (Thank goodness for bulk editing). I try to do a few every so often.
  • Update Featured photos – in progress. Some themes use them some don’t, so I notice if I change the them I will neglected the photo, and then I will need to go back and add one.
  • New header – done
  • New Logo – in progress

Posts I’m working on (See more info below)

  • Meal plan Monday (still something I am thinking about because I do set me up sunday I don’t want to overlap so this may become something else)
  • Coffee & Chat
  • Set me up Sunday
  • Mother’s Day
  • Little Letters
  • 100 days – in progress (in the past few years I have blogged everyday in may this will be incorporated into 100 days).
  • 52 Ancestors – in progress
  • Project Life – in progress
  • Week in the Life – inn progress
  • Photos – FMS, WITL, PL, 12 on 12.
  • Facebook
  • Planner – goals and update
  • Handbag update
  • Weightloss

Rukristin’s 100 Days All about Me

  • 100 Days 1 – 10   Completed
  • 100 Days 11 – 20 In Progress
  • 100 Days 21 – 30
  • 100 days 31 – 40
  • 100 days 41 – 50
  • 100 days 51 – 60
  • 100 days 61 – 70
  • 100 days 71 – 80
  • 100 days 81 – 90
  • 100 days 91 – 100

52 Ancestors

  • Week 1-10 Completed
  • Week 11-20 Week 17 – to do, 18 – done, 19 – done
  • Week 21 – 30 May 21 – July 29
  • Week 31 – 40 July 30 – Oct 7
  • Week 41 – 50 Oct 8 – Dec 16
  • Week 50 – 52 Dec 17 – 31

Project Life

  • Week 1-10 Completed and Uploaded to the blog (need to add 10)
  • Week 11-20 Currently working on week 19 but 11-18 are done and ready to be uploaded.
  • Week 21 – 30 May 21 – July 29
  • Week 31 – 40 July 30 – Oct 7
  • Week 41 – 50 Oct 8 – Dec 16
  • Week 50 – 52 Dec 17 – 31

Week in the Life

  • Day 1 – Completed to be uploaded to blog
  • Day 2  – In progress
  • Day 3  – In progress
  • Day 4 – Photos taken
  • Day 5  – Photos taken
  • Day 6 – Today
  • Day 7 – Tomorrow

Family History

This is ongoing and I would ideally like to work on it more but spent most of Feb / March working on Family history and as you can see the blog got neglected.

  • Work on A book a week,  letters to loved ones, Sort ten photos,

Facebook (Not blog)

  • March / April Family Photo (Need to upload)
  • Project 14 – This course started in March and ran through April. tried watching it on the TV it kept freezing,, so watching it on my phone. up to the 4th video. So getting through it.

Luke Hines

  • Currently on this weight loss program.


  • 52 Family photos – Update
  • Week in the life – work on
  • Project life – work on

Order / Buy

  • Kindle
  • Camera Bag
  • Look at getting a new camera
  • Get a Light box for Flat lays

Ok so…….

On Thursday we received a letter of Notice to Vacate the rental we are in because the owner wants to Sell. (We had a rent inspection 3rd May and pointed out that there where some large gaps appearing in the walls outside (this is a new build we are only the second tenants in it and the first where not in it long)), over summer I noticed a crack in the wall near the window in the dining area). The owner came back last Saturday to look / we thought fix the walls, then on Thursday we get the letter.

So we have after the initial shock of receiving a letter like that spent two days looking at rentals online all over Melbourne, we have pinpointed a few areas that we would like to live, and decided that we no longer want to live this side of the city.

A couple of issues though as Angel is in Year 11 and doesn’t want to leave the school. She also recently got her first job and doesn’t want to leave that. but neither I nor Jack want to stay in this area.

Not looking forward to packing and then unpacking. But hopefully in a few months I will have a new space to blog from. (Somewhere light, bright, with flowing sheer curtains, a comfy chair and looking out onto the ocean) (*WAKE UP NIC!)…

What this all means in terms of Life at Number 6

So that means I will be removing the Life at Number 6 tag from the blog and social’s in the coming weeks. I have decided that I wont bother with a Name now I will just use my own as I have changed my blog so many times over the years that even I am confused.

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