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52 Ancestors

Week 19: Mother’s Day Mother’s Day in the US is this Sunday (May 13). It seems like a good time to take a look at a mother in the family tree. After all, half of our ancestors were mothers! You could highlight your mother or one of the other moms in your family’s history.

WoW Week 19. That’s 19 stories on our Families History.

Mother’s Day the past few years has been hard for me having lost my own Mum in February 2012. In looking through our Family History I am finding that there where some amazing women that came before me on both sides of the family tree.


My Grandmother:  Edith Barbara

  • Born: 1932 Victoria Australia (Need to confirm which suburb)
  • Married: 1948 Norman Allan.
  • Children: 1950 Carol Lee, 1954 Suzanne Elizabeth, 1956 Jennifer Anne
  • Lived: Flemington / Newmarket Victoria
  • Census: 1949: Factory worker / 1954: Home Duties / 1963: Home Duties
  • Died: 1966

I honestly don’t know a great deal about her, I know that her Aunt Dulcie lived with her and Norman and the three girls in Flemington when Norman and the Edith died, the girls stayed in the house with Dulcie. I am however now interested which Factory that she worked in in 1949. I know that she was unwell for a time again another avenue I need to explore.

I will write another post for Sunday but if I don’t get to it Happy Mothers Day.

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