52 Ancestors

Week 18: Close Up Week 18’s theme is “Close Up.” Some possible ways to interpret the prompt: an ancestor who lived closed to where you live now or where you grew up; an ancestor that you have a portrait of; an ancestor who you have more information about and you feel like you know them “close up.” Remember — there’s no right or wrong way to approach any of the prompts!



Generations of our Family have lived around the area that we are currently living. After reading our Great Uncle Cliff’s book Evergreen, on the Family History, I found that My Great Grandparents moved to Sunshine, Victoria, which is around 5km from where we currently live. Aubrey (Great Grandfather) & Robert (Grandfather) Worked at H.V Mackay which is now the Sunshine Marketplace Shopping Centre where our Daughter now works.


Jack & I have been working on our Family History including Negatives and Photos, Jack came across some of his dad’s slides and found out that he lived around the corner from here as a Baby.


Both Jack & I grew up in St Albans which is also not far from here, Both of our grandmothers lived there (and at the same time), so I wonder if they knew each other, or passed each other in town, who knows at some point Jack and I may have even passed each other on the street.


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