I posted the above photo as my Cover Photo on Facebook tonight.

  • First one is the very first photo of Jack and I, We came across it when we where scanning the Negatives, I don’t recall ever seeing it before.
  • The second one is from a few weeks ago when we went on a Date Night to the National Gallery of Victoria. I have been making an effort this year and trying to get more photos of Angel and I or Jack and I or Jack and Angel together*.

Why did I post the Photo?

It shows who far we have come as a couple, How still in love we are, how after all of the shit we have been through we are still going strong.

*Project 52 Weeks of Family Photos. Because even though we were doing a Monthly photo and we have been doing one since 2013 I became aware of just how little I was in with either one of them. 

Why do people have an issue with my weight? It can’t be because they are concerned about my health!

I received a comment on the post “Bit of weight gain”

Ok yep, I can clearly see that I have gained weight.

NO shit Sherlock.

I know this.

I live with it.

My reply was.

Yes I got fat!, That happens when you have way too many years of stress, lose multiple family members, especially when it’s your parents in under a year. I have spent the past ten years trying to lose the fat in the end only making myself fatter. It’s a fucked up life I live. This is also the reason I hate photos of myself, but on the other hand I’m a memory keeper and I want Angel to have photos of her parents. No one is more critical of me than myself, so after reading your comment and bursting into tears, because it bought up some extremely bad memories of being FAT SHAMED I have decided to ignore your comment! 

oh and we also got OLD!

I tried ignoring the comment, but not its imprinted on my brain and I cant get it out of my head. As someone who has body issues, and who struggles daily with this, any sort of comment like that isn’t positive or encouraging for me. In fact it just pulls me back into the spiral that I am desperately trying to get out of.

It hurts!!!

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