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52 Ancestors

Week 15: Taxes It’s that time of year here in the U.S. — tax season. There are many ways you could approach this theme: An ancestor you discovered using tax records, an ancestor who was a tax collector, or maybe an ancestor who kept running from the tax collector! You could explore an ancestor who has been taxing to research.

I chose the Taxing to research option for this prompt.

Charlotte (My Great Grandmother on my Father’s Side).

The information that I had was that her surname at some stage was White. (This is still a mystery)

Her first husband’s surname was Stephenson.  (Although I have found no Marriage Certificate)

At death her surname was Perry.  Her as far as I can tell, is her second husbands name, she is buried with him, but her name isn’t listed on the grave.

For years I have been plugging away trying to locate details for her. I knew that she had lived in the same town for many years. It wasn’t until Jack, Angel and I went on a road trip in March of this year that things started to fall into place.

We visited her grave that day, It was the first time I have been there. Kicking myself because I have since found out the cemetery is full of so many of my ancestors including Robert.

We also took a drive around the town that her daughter Lillian (my Grandmother) & Bob (My Grandfather) got married in. I wasn’t sure of the church they married in, as I really only had a couple of grainy photos that I had shared on Facebook many years ago. (So based that on the steps and windows in the photos). When we eventually returned home, we where looking things up, and Jack decided to get Their wedding certificate. and BINGO! It had the church details and my Great Grandmother Charlotte’s maiden name. MEOSON.

Except it wasn’t!…


So we left it and a few days later I started searching on line my grandmothers siblings in more detail. When my Grandmother died I inherited her photos, amongst that was a newspaper article on her brother William & his wife, and a piece of paper with the names and birth dates of his children. (It did however take me a fair few years to put these two together). I started to enter that into ancestry, and looked up his details on Births, Deaths & Marriages, and found his name and Charlotte’s Maiden name is listed as MITSON.

So we then looked up Charlotte’s name under Perry on there and found her death information, It had Maiden name unknown, but it listed her birth as being in Tasmania, which is something I didn’t know.

So Jack started to research this avenue with variations of the Meoson / Mitson name, and he found her birth certificate..

Charlotte Victoria Midson born in Fingal, Tasmania..

I was just double checking the details on BDM and came across her marriage certificate to her first husband (My Great Grandfather) Robert…  (Above I said I hadn’t found it)!

So I was looking up her details now I knew she was from Tasmania it made it a lot easier. I found so much information on her and her family, that before getting the Wedding Certificate of my Grandparents I would never have known, as Charlotte was to me always a brick wall.

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