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52 Ancestors

Week 14: Maiden Aunt – Ok, before anyone says anything else about aunts not being ancestors… I agree. Technically, “ancestors” are those we descend from. Everyone else is technically a collateral relative. But I included this theme for two reasons. First — “52 Ancestors or Collateral Relatives in 52 Weeks” doesn’t sound quite right. Second, and more importantly, we need to consider the “other” people in our family tree when we research. Our ancestors (the ones we descend from) were certainly influenced by their siblings, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Of course, researching those “other” people can yield great clues about our ancestors. (Plus, I’ve said from the beginning that you could write about whomever you wanted to.)

Dulcie (or as I have grown up knowing her as Auntie). 


Dulcie was my Great Grandmother’s Sister.

To be honest I don’t know much about her, but that’s the beauty of searching for family. I would love to know her early life. So in working on this blog post I discovered that she Lived with her parents for all of her life.

She was Born in 1897 and Died in 1982.

She lived through World War I & II and the Great Depression. From what I can gather she was a spinster. Never Married and had no children.

My Grandfather passed away in 1961, and grandmother in 1966 leaving three girls aged 10, 12 & 15 orphaned, they lived with Dulcie, by this stage she was in her early 60’s. It puzzles me as to why they were sent to her, (*when speaking with my aunt i was told that they had always lived with Dulcie, as she was my Grandmothers Carer. My Grandmother had Epilepsy). And there probably wasn’t anyone else in a position to take them as they would have had their own families.

When putting together this post, I sat and thought about her early life and what was it like, What major events occurred in her lifetime. I mentioned to my husband about it and said what age she was in World War I, and I wonder if she had a Boyfriend / Partner who went off to war and passed away there, and she never recovered from that. (I have found no evidence of this happening but you never know). (Again i asked my Aunt and she wasn’t aware of anything either).

From what I can gather from Ancestry & Census Records

1897 |  Born | Living – Maldon | With – Her Parents

Schooling – Not known

1901 | Born | Edward Frederic – Brother

1903 | Living – Maldon | With – Her Parents

1904 | Born | Lillian – Sister

1905 | Living – Maldon | With – Her Parents

1906 | Born | Edith – Sister (My Great Grandmother)

1913 | Living – Maldon | With – Her Parents

1914 | Living – Maldon | With – Her Parents

1914 | World Event | World War I Started

1918 | World Event | World War I Ended

1919 | Living – Maldon | With – Her Parents | Job – Home Duties

1921 | Living – South Melbourne | With – Parents | Job – Machinist

1922 | Living – South Melbourne | With – Parents | Job – Machinist

1924 | Living – South Melbourne | With – Parents | Job – Machinist

1925 | Living – South Melbourne | With – Parents  | Job – Machinist

1927 | Living – South Melbourne  | With – Parents | Job – Machinist

1928 | Living – South Melbourne  | With – Parents | Job – Machinist

1929 | The Great Depression began

1931 | Living – Toorak | With – Parents | Job – Home Duties

1932 | Born | Edith – Niece (My grandmother)

1934 | Living – Toorak | With – Parents | Job – Home Duties

1936 | Living – Toorak | With – Parents | Job – Home Duties

1937 | Living – Flemington / Newmarket | With – Parents | Job: Home Duties

1939 | The Great Depression Ended

1939 | World War 2 Started

1943 | Living – Flemington / Newmarket | With – Parents |  Job: Home Duties

1944 | Death | Her – Father Passed Away

1945 | World War 2 Ended

1947 | Death | Her – Mother Passed Away

1949 | Living – Flemington / Newmarket | With – On her own | Job: Home Duties

1950 | Born | Carol (My Mother)

1954 | Living – Flemington / Newmarket | With – On her own | Job: Home Duties

1954 | Born | Suzzane  (My Aunt)

1956 | Born | Jennifer  (My Aunt)

1958 | Death | Eric – Brother

1961 | Death | Norman Died (My Grandfather)

1963 | Living – Flemington / Newmarket | With – On her own | Job: Home Duties

1966 | Death | Edith Died (My Grandmother)

1967 | Living – Flemington / Newmarket | With – The 3 girls | Job: Home Duties

1968 | Living – Flemington / Newmarket | With – The 3 girls | Job: Home Duties

1972 | Living – Melton | With – My Mum, Dad & Aunt Jenni. | Job: Home Duties

1977 | Living – St Albans | With / not sure | Job – Home Duties | She was living in the house I grew up in in St Albans, (I lived there for my first year and again as a teenager), but I don’t know who with, as by this stage my grandparents (My Dad’s Parents) where in Western Australia.  I have photos of her in 1977 in Busselton Western Australia. She celebrated her 80th Birthday there. (Not sure if she was living there or just holidaying with us). I am now however thinking that she moved there at the same time as my Grandparents.

1982 | Died | Living: Sydenham | With: My Parents | Job: Home Duties | This is where she passed away.


I have spent a number of days on this post, so if I come across any other details I will add them at a later stage. 

*Edited to add

Today is the Anniversary of Aunties Passing. I have included my aunties thoughts to this post

AJ  (Aunt Jenni)
how i miss you every day .you are always on my mind and have been since your passing on 1.7.1982. There isnt a day or a year that goes by that i don’t think of you or of a memory that pops into my head from something that im doing that reminds me of you .
I wish i could say that it gets easier for me every year but the truth is it doesnt!!!
the tears still fall from my eyes when i recall all the memories of us all especially from our happy days at 22 sturt street newmarket 3031.
They were mostly the best days of my life and i still feel that when i go back there , that will always be my home no matter where i go in rhe world !! You brought and shared that house with my parents , sisters and myself . I thank you for giving us that stability in our lives and the warmth and comfort of a home.
One of the biggest regrets in my life was not being able to be with you in your final hours !!
if i could change anything in my life it would have been that day !! you waited for me i know.
as i sent you flowers and then you let go when you got them knowing that was my only way of saying goodbye without my physical presence being there .
I thank you for teaching me independance and that women can buy houses on their own and stand up independantely with out others help . Giving me my strength to endure the good the bad the ugly in life !! .
knowing that i can achieve anything that im willing to try and succeed at . The older i get the more i realise this!! We will all be together again one day and i look forward to that day . Thanku again for everything you taught and gave me and sacrificed for us girls !!
all my love and kisses always and more till thex12th of never and more your great niece mwah xxx
Os i is a particularly hard day for us all as its your great great nephews birthdate as well !!
he will be 40 today !!!a
Snd i know that you will be sending
4oth birthday wishes down from geaven to him today mwah zxxThis us wonderful nicole a lot of info here . Auntie always had us living with her as she was more or less my mothers carer due to her epilepsy . My father passed away in that house in 22 sturt street newmarket from a heart attack he was sitting in a chair.When my oatents died she just kept us with her . And looked after us . That pic of her 80th was at geographe bay motel restuarant where we all worked at one stage. I met kahmal the singer when he stayed there , i introduced auntie to him as she wax a mad keen fan of his lol. He gave her a ticket to his concert in busselton and j got to see the last part of his,showxwhen i went to pick her up . She was so excited .Auntie always lived with Carol and ricky as she was her fav niece lol in all honesty , it was either 131 peel terrace or adelaide terra
ce bussleton . Auntie lived with me when i had John warren we live together in a little challet near alpha road busselton . Then she lived with me at monkey hill williams on the farm . That was the year princess Dianna married Prince Charles we watched it together . She then left to go back to melbourne with your parents and you children to live.

Aunty Margaret

Nicole, aunty lived with us in Busselton at alpha rd.
I think she lived with us in Adelaide St as well.
Lived at Andrews rd st Albans
I think I remember something about aunty having one and only one love
Never married.



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