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52 Ancestors

Week 13: The Old Homestead
There’s something about seeing where your ancestors lived — or revisiting where you once lived. My dad once took me to where his maternal grandparents lived, a place where Dad and his siblings spent their summers. My mom could give you a house-by-house tour of the township where she grew up. It is neat to hear her describe Sunday dinners at her aunt’s house and the apple trees that grew at the bottom of the hill.

Perhaps “the old homestead” is your grandparents’ house or the house where you grew up. Maybe it refers to an ancestor who was a homesteader. (Those are some fantastic records!) There are also ancestors who were committed to a county home or a veterans home. I look forward to seeing how you interpret this prompt.


  1. Real Estate photo 2008
  2. October 2013 when we came to Melbourne for a holiday.
  3. March 2018

Over the past month i have been working on a Life-TimeLine from just before birth until i’m 100 – Year / Age / Grade / School / Work / Lived at / Significant Event that year (birth / death of family member, started new job, married, child, etc ). So i love how these prompts are tying in with that in some way.

For me the house that stands out in my mind is the one i lived in for a little while as a baby and then again as a teenager. Jack and I actually went past it a few weeks ago when we took a drive around the suburb.

According to the details online its a 2 bedroom house. strange because when i lived in there it had three bedrooms inside the home, and one in an extension out the back.

I can pretty much see every room, this house is imprinted room for room on my brain. From the large Jacaranda Tree out the front which is long gone.

Walk onto the front verandah into the front door, a hallway with the 3 bedrooms on one side,  a bathroom at the end, and the double glass doors etched with two giant swans that would take you to the lounge.

A large Kitchen / Dining area next to the lounge. Off the side of the kitchen was a laundry, the former toilet was turned into a Linen Cupboard.

Step out the backdoor to an extension (that i think my grandfather put on in the late 70’s early 80’s) (They rented the home from a Family Friend).  There was 4 parts to the extension.. From the back door there was what could be called a Mud Room area that my grandmother had plants in, and used to dry extra washing, then a toilet, walk through to a small room which i think was used as a study type area, and then a bedroom at the back.

When i lived there in the late 80’s there was Garage (looks like its been replaced for a smaller one or painted), A chook run, and the large tree out the back.

This “homestead” holds so many memories for me. I lived there with my parents, I spent time there in Holidays, My grandfather Passed away in the front bedroom. I lived there as a Teenager with my Grandmother.  I have lived in many homes since, but this one will always have an imprint on me.



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