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45 Things

Today I turn 45.. (Why do i always type 42 instead?)… Sheesh how did that happen. I was a teenager, then all of a sudden I blink and I’m 45 years old..

45 things about me…

  1. I’m the same age as The Young & The Restless (Happy Birthday for today TY&TR).
  2. I am the daughter of Carol & Rick.
  3. I was born in Victoria, Australia.
  4. I was born with a Heart Condition and had it operated on at 8 months old.
  5. I was the first born child (My older brother was stillborn).
  6. I have a Sister and a Brother.
  7. I also have Two Stepbrothers and a Stepsister.
  8. I have lived in Victoria (Where My Mum and I were born), Western Australia (Where my Sister, Brother, Husband and Daughter were born) & Tasmania (Where my Dad was born).
  9. I worked for the WA Health Dept for 12 years.
  10. I have been a Stay at Home Mum for 11 Years.
  11. Jack and I met via a Yahoo Group in 2000.
  12. I have been married since 2001 (we met about 16 weeks before we got married).
  13. We Had a Honeymoon before we got married.
  14. We eloped.
  15. I have a 16yr old daughter, a 22 year old Stepson & a 21 Yr old stepdaughter.
  16. I have lived in about 30 different houses in my lifetime.
  17. I have lost count at how many blogs i have started over the years.
  18. Before we got our female cat Grey 8 weeks ago, the last 6 cats we had were all black.
  19. My favorite singer since i was about 14 has been Jimmy Barnes
  20. I have been listening to his song Still got a long way to go every year on my birthday since i turned 21.
  21. I have had my ears pierced 5 on one side 3 on the other.
  22. I dont have any Tattoos
  23. I spend most of my time these days researching my Family History.
  24. My Favorite TV shows are Neighbours, Home & Away, Offspring, The X Files, Spirited and so many more.
  25. I have been “Trying” to lose weight for over ten years.
  26. & i have “Tried” so many programs (28/MB/XO etc)
  27. I shop way too much online and at Kmart.
  28. My favorite Brands are Apple, Michael Kors, Fossil, Pandora, Tiffany & Co, Kikki K.
  29. I have lost count how many Handbags I have.
  30. The last time i went to the Hairdressers for a Haircut was in 2007. (i have been cutting it myself).
  31. I am allergic to Grass & Dust (Hay fever season is a bundle of laughs).
  32. I’ve traveled to all states in Australia except for The Northern Territory.
  33. & Most of Qld (only been to the Gold Coast)
  34. I have always wanted to go to Paris (The Eiffel Tower) & Budapest (Dracula’s Castle)
  35. I spend much of my days binge watching TV shows.
  36. I take too many photos
  37. I am addicted to the Project Life App
  38. My favorite thing to do is sit and watch a movie with Jack
  39. Whist drinking Wine and Eating Cheese
  40. I am CRAZY about Christmas (we have about 20 trees now)
  41. We built our own house (in 2006/7)
  42. We currently have a labrador, and two cats
  43. My favourite flowers are Peony’s and roses
  44. Since i was 14 i have mainly dressed in black
  45. I can’s go a day without coffee.

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