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52 Ancestors

Week 10: Strong Woman

March is Women’s History Month, so what better way to start than with the prompt of “Strong Woman.” What female in your family tree has shown remarkable strength (either physical or emotional)? Tell her story.


This photo shows the women of my family.

  • My Great Grandmothers
  • My Great Aunt
  • My Grandmother
  • My Mum
  • 3 Aunts

This is so difficult to find one of them that stands out more than any other.

They are the women who shaped me.

They are the women who taught me.

They are the women that showed me, and told me that i could do and be anything i wanted in life.

They have all kicked butt in some way, and I am proud to call them my family.

They have in their own ways taught me to be more self confident and stronger, and that’s the best legacy one can leave.

My Mum Carol was / is my hero. She has so many losses in her life. She was between 10 – 20 and she lost both of her parents, her first baby was stillborn and she got married. Later in her life getting her Cancer diagnosis and then seeing her pass away has made me all the more determined to leave my own legacy for Angel. She will forever remain my hero… and Strongest woman i know.



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