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Making memories of us


Do this.
Do this a lot..
Make memories…
Make Moments…
Capture time.


Step 1.

Take the photo.

Some ideas are.

52 weeks of Family photos – This year we have been doing a weekly photo with two of us (A&I / J&I / J&A). (I found a 52 page Photo album in Big W, so when i take the photo and edit it i put the date on it, print them out once a month and slot them straight into the album).

Photo a month – Still doing our family photo on the last day of each month, and any significant events i think this is the 4th year doing that..

Photo a day – Taking one snap of something (anything) that day. I now get Jack and Angel to take photos as well and we combine them, some-day’s i wont have anything but they will have some place or space that’s totally random. (I also use the Collect app and because i take them as a live photo on my iphone i am able to add them to 1 second everyday (1SE))

Day in the life – Spend the day taking photos from when you wake up until just before bed (no limit to what you can take).

12 on the 12th – This is similar to Day in the life, but pick 12 photos for the day.

Selfies – Just snap a photo..

Yes there is grumbling, Yes there is mumbling of why do we need another photo. Yes its difficult to sometimes get us all in the same room (well not me i never leave), but with school / work / uni taking less than 5 minutes to take a quick phone photo shouldn’t be too difficult.


Step 2.


Step 3.

Do things with them

Start putting them into books, so your kids have something to hold. They can’t access your phone, Facebook, Social Media, Computer when you are gone…

Make scrapbooks.

Stick them on the fridge.

Put them up on the wall.

Send them to family.

Step 4.

Tell the story

Whilst i have been working on the books i have, the one thing i am noticing more is that i don’t know when the photo was taken. In some instances with old family photos i don’t know where it was taken or who is in it. I spent a few minutes going through my life story book yesterday adding in information, because yes i know who people are, but other people may not.

You don’t have to become a scrapbooker, You don’t have to become an author.

  • Take photo
  • Print photo
  • Stick in Book or Album
  • Write quick note of who is in photo, date taken, place taken.



Post your note

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