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52 Ancestors


Week 9: Where There’s a Will I’ve been asked if this theme means a will (as in the probate document) or will (as in being determined or strong minded). My answer is: Yes. 🙂 Use this prompt however you are inspired to. Maybe you’ve come across an interesting will. Explain it like you would to a non-genealogist. What story does it reveal? You could write about an ancestor who was determined to do something. (Or maybe you have an ancestor named Will!)

When my Grandmother Lil died in 2005 she didn’t leave a Will but her items where distributed to family as we cleaned out her little unit. I inherited her photo albums and photos. I went straight out and bought a little wooden yellow gardener’s tool box to keep them in. Over the years I have started to sort through them and put them into photo albums, and try and work out who people are.


Recently Angel was in the garage looking for something and opened a bag, she found some recipes which I shared on my Family Cookbook post. Such a precious find.

Neither Mum nor Dad had a Will. What they had went to their respective spouses, and was distributed / given to us by our step parents. In my Heirloom post last week I wrote about special things that I have been given from my parents.

Jack has a Will, from when he was in the Air Force, I actually found it last night when looking for something else. Things go to his now adult children. I wasn’t in the picture. So this is something that we need to rectify. (we have only been together since 2000)! & Angel is 16… I haven’t written a will, but it would pretty much all go to Jack and Angel anyway. Niece’s and Nephew’s would most likely get something small as a memento.



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