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52 Ancestors

Week 8: Heirloom Is there a special item that’s been passed down in your family? Mine would be the teddy bear cookie jar that was given to my parents as a wedding present and now sits on my kitchen counter. We sometimes forget to write the story of why it’s important to us. Take a few minutes to write, record, snap a picture — something!

Goodness me that week flew by, These prompts are becoming the highlight of my week I am so enjoying the process of coming up with the stories that I want to share.


I have the Ancestry app on my phone, which means that one of the first things I see in the morning is the birthday / anniversary reminder (it’s at the top of my screen). It turns out today would have been my parents 47th Wedding Anniversary (had they stayed married LOL). This week is also the anniversary of mums passing.



Both Jack and I are collectors of stuff, and some of that stuff is very special to us in some way, it was either passed down through generations or , he has an 1800’s Bible from his Mum’s Side of the Family, A highchair, and his Dad’s Navy Medals (See Below), A Brass Bell & Book from the Ship – The Melbourne. I have my Great Grandmothers Children’s Bible (See Above). I recently shared our wonderful find of my grandmothers recipes, I have a number of Jewellery pieces my Mum bought me over the years, Some pottery, and other bits & pieces like her dinner set which I have talked about in a previous post.  The Watch my Dad & Stepmum got me for my 21st.

My Treasures


1 & 2 | Suck UK books – I have mentioned these so many times I should get a commision from the company LOL.. We are slowly getting through these (see above the link for the Family Cookbook), I update mine several times a year, Angel updates hers, and well Jack’s is still empty!!! Once I have worked on the Cookbook, Travel and Our Life story are next. The extra life story one I am using for a Family Tree of sorts, so will be sticking photos and cards etc in it. (Reminder to self – Buy Glue).

3 | A Life Woven Through Time – This is the book I wrote, I am in the process of re-writing it as I wasn’t happy how it came out.

4 | Books – This little collection of books has Family Tree’s, Photos and more in them. (See the Green Family Tree Below).

5 | Christmas Tin – A couple of years ago I got this on the Hard to Find Website, It contains a candle, key (I have also added other keys to the box), decoration. I would like to find a family photo of us from each year to somehow add to the box (although it’s very small so I may need a larger box that this will need to sit in).

6 | Necklace – Jack gave me this for Valentines Day 2008, I have other pieces he has given me, pieces from Mum, a ring my grandmother had that I wear all of the time. I have also over the past few years been buying my own special pieces with  words and dates on them to give to Angel.

7 | Porcelain Dolls (No Picture) – over 20 years ago I bought two Dolls – Scarlet O’Hara & Marilyn Monroe. They are still in their boxes (although I have no idea what happened to their certificates) and judging by what I just checked on eBay only worth around $200 each.

8 & 11 | Angel holding Jack’s Air Force Medal & Jack’s Dad’s Navy Medals.

9 | The Green Family Tree – Written by Cliff Green (Dad’s Great Uncle) – this is one that I purchased a couple of years ago (It wasn’t handed down)

10 & 15 | Cupboards – These are not old items and probably more on the quirky side. The large one is actually two separate pieces that were bought in two different places, I had people online abuse me about wanting to paint it, and I had it sitting in a shed  for a few years before painting it to match the smaller one.

I also have a Secretaire drop down study desk I brought in 2004 (I painted it), A chair I got from a small country garden centre in 2007ish

12 | Christmas Book – I found this in an 2ndhand Shop a few years ago and planned to use it for a project, but fell in love with it. I also have the Night Before Christmas Book with Mum reading the first page, The battery is flat but I have it on Video. For a couple of Christmas’ now we have brought the Santa in “Insert Australian City” Books – Tasmania, Northwest Tasmania, Melbourne. I need to get a Perth one.

13 & 16 | “The Girls”. Jack brought me the “Girls” in 2004. I used to walk passed them in the Markets and say to my friend Pat and then jack after I met him that one day I will own them. I just adore them.

14 | Grandad – The Picture is of Jack’s Grandfather. I took it one ANZAC day.


17 | Grandmother Clock – We got this around 2006ish from Greys Online in Western Australia. It has moved around all over the place with us. I want to paint it white, Jack doesn’t want me too….

18 | Kitchenaid Mixer – This thing is a workhorse and we still use it weekly. When I got it in 2007 Angel wasn’t quite 6 yet and in a matter of fact way told me that when I die that what she wanted.

19 | Blanket – I have a handmade woollen blanket that my mums friend Shirley made me for my 21st around 100 years ago LOL..

20 |


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