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Happy Birthday

N O  I D E A

Back in the late 90’s I had a family newsletter called “No Idea”, which gave updates on friends and families lives. 

Some of the girls on The Scrap Heap had started blogs, and I loved reading them. I had previously tried and failed at webpages and “Newsletters”. 

13 years ago today I sat down at the computer and a new way of life for me was born. Angel was a toddler, I was still working but wanted somewhere to hold our memories, somewhere to get my thoughts out. That’s how the blog originally came to be.

S H A R I N G   O U R   W O R L D 

Originally it was called SHABBY PINK SCRAPPER. It has gone through many names since that time, Life at Number 6 being the most recent.

  1. Jack and I are still happily married, he is still driving Trains.
  2. Angel is now 16.  How did that happen…
  3. We have had many pets (who we miss)
  4. We have lived in many places (Three different states), and I have lost count how many houses.
  5. I have blogged on Blogger, WordPress (Back in the day when I didn’t love it like I do now), TypePad, Squarespace, WordPress (where I have been since 2012) as
  6. I have posted 6773 previous posts (probably a lot more because I have deleted some, and I did lose a majority of the year 2007).
  7. We lost my grandmother, Father, Mother and other treasured family members and I have shared how I have grieved for them.
  8. I have written letters to loved ones.
  9. I have created a place to share my family history and stories.
  10. I have lost count of how many photos I have taken. Lets just say I am running out of space and I am on a premium account.
  11. I have shared my weight loss (or lack of) journey
  12. I have vented & Bitched (I’m LOOKING AT YOU FACEBOOK!) about people who have upset me, I have had people abuse me, and even had one woman on Facebook say I plagiarised my writing from (yes one and the same, because she put what I wrote into a website and it came up close to identical – go figure / who would have thought). I have laughed (yes a lot), I have cried (an ocean of tears). I have lost people that I loved &/or respected (who I will always love, miss, and respect).
  13. I originally started the blog to share photos of my scrapbooking pages and over the years that has turned into sharing photos of my Project Life Pages, Answers to questions I would like my daughter to know, Planners. 


This little space has saved my sanity in so many ways. It became my safe space when places like Facebook got too much for me to handle, especially in those times where I deleted my Facebook account, because of people telling me I shared too much.

I have opened my heart and soul on these pages, I have released thoughts that I held close to my heart.


So now what…

I will continue to share our life, travels, journey here. I will continue working on questions, letters, prompts and taking a zillion photos of our everyday life. I will continue to just be me.


Thank you all who have dropped by and read my ramblings, Thank you to those that have commented, liked & Followed over the years. Thank you to those that have come across from other blog sites that I was on, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.






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