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It’s fun to learn odd little things about people!

  1. Favourite smell – A Sunday night Slow Cooked Roast Dinner. 

  2. Last cried – Monday 

  3. Favourite pizza – Hawaiian

  4. Favourite Flower – Peony

  5. Favorite dog breed –  Labrador, Pug, Shitzu

  6. Favourite Foot Attire – As much as I would love to wear heals I just cant, so comfortable shoes are the go for me. 

  7. Roller coaster – Have not been on one in years. Because of my weight I probably wouldn’t fit into one now anyway. 

  8. Hair color – After years of dying it different colours, its now an ombre effect without me even trying.

  9. Favorite ice cream – Coffee

  10. Pet peeve – People in general these days. The American Gun Laws / children being killed for no reason.

  11. Shorts or Jeans – Jeans. But mostly wear Yoga Pants

  12. What are you listening to right now – Dr Phill.  

  13. Colour of your vehicle – We don’t own one. 

  14. Colour of eyes – Hazel

  15. Favourite Holiday – New Zealand. 

  16. Night owl or day person – Night owl. I general go to bed around 11pm but I am usually still awake at 1am. Most days I get up between 6:30 / 7am

  17. Favourite day of the week – Friday. No idea why, probably because my fave home shows are on.  

  18. Nickname – Nic (Use all of the time now), Cole’ (Jack), Mum (Angel), Nikki-Nic (Dad)

  19. Tattoos – No but its on the life wishes list 

  20. Do you like to cook – I get days where I really want to cook things, but I am just too slack. Jack does most of the cooking now. 

  21. Beer or wine? – Wine. 

  22. Can you drive a manual shift – I don’t drive. 

  23. Favourite colour – Black!

  24. Do you like vegetables – Yes, Corn cobs, Mashed Potatoes.  

  25. Do you work out? – hahahahaha! occasionally. 

  26. Do you wear glasses – I wear a cheap pair of glasses as my eyesight is getting worse, I really need to get them checked. 

  27. Favourite season – I loved spring in Tasmania it was such a beautiful time. I haven’t really gotten used to the seasons here yet.

    Show me your answers !


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