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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, let’s see couples make this your status and answer honestly!

Born in same state? No. I was born in Melbourne he was born in WA. He moved to Melbourne at three days old, I moved to WA at 1yrs old. We both crisscrossed the country, eventually both ending up in WA 1/2 an hour away from each other. Both shopping in the same shopping centre. Going to the Olympic Torch relay and standing metres from each other.

Who is older? Me

Difference in age? 1 week

Bigger Family? probably me in terms of brothers and sister, but he probably has more aunts and uncles.

Same high school? No

Did you know each other in high school? No

How long have we known each other? Since 2000

Anniversary? Email May 30 2000 / Met Sept 11 2000 / Married January 15 2001.

How did you meet ? Online in a Yahoo group. He put a post on and I responded, then started chatting via email.

Who was interested first? Both. We found we had so much in common very early on.

Who said I love you first? I think we said it around the same time, and we hadn’t even met yet.

Ever broken up? No

Any kids together? He has a Son 22 and a daughter 21, and we have a 16yr old together.

Better cook? The Thermomix / Kitchenaid Home Cooker. I don’t cook a lot now he does it.

Better sense of humor? Him.

Eats the most? Him

More organized? By far me..

More social? Him

Most stubborn? Both

Wakes up first? Depends what day it is

Who’s the better driver? Him, I don’t drive.

Who’s the bigger sports fan? Him (Football, Basketball, Rugby, Fishing, Sailing, etc) except when it comes to the Perth Wildcats who I have been a fan of since 1990.

Who has the most tattoos? Him he got a Fremantle Dockers Tattoo

Worst temper? Both… We can getWho sings better? Probably him LOL….






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