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52 Ancestors

Week 6: Favorite Name

Favorite name could be a name of an ancestor that makes you smile. Perhaps it’s an unusual name. Mine would have to be my 3rd-great-grandmother Matilda (Debolt) Skinner Crossen Brown McFillen. I might have to re-learn how to say her name, though, as I recently discovered what might be another marriage between Crossen and Brown.

Looking at our tree we have a lot of more traditional names, Lots of Roberts and Johns, Sarah’s and Elizabeth’s in more recent generations the names have gotten more unusual, and modern like Fallon, Angel, Candice, London, etc.


In the last 100 years I would say Aubrey is the most unusual. I came up with two. One being my Great Great Grandfather. 

Aubrey Green. 

  • He was born in 1889 in London England. 
  • In 1913 he married my Great Great Grandmother Dorothy Dowden. 
  • They had 3 children. Peggy, Betty and Robert (My Grandfather). 
  • In 1926 they moved from England to Australia. 
  • They moved into a house in Sunshine Victoria (about 5km’s from where I currently live).
  • In 1934 they had another son Clifford
  • (Huge gap here as I am unable to access the records)
  • He passed away in 1970+ (Could be 71)

These photos are from my parents engagement party in 1970


~ sadly there is only 3 or 4 of the people in these photos left with us.

As for a favourite name, I don’t think I have one.




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