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52 Ancestors

The Week 5 Prompt The Week 5 prompt is “In the Census.” What intriguing find have you made in a census? What has a series of census records shown you? Do you have an ancestor who constantly ages only 7 years between censuses? (Those are fun!)

dads house burnie

January 17th 2015 < After some detective work a few days ago we figured out that Nan & Gramps lived here in 1953/54 when Dad was born on this day in 1953 in Burnie. Gramps was a Fettler with the Emu Bay Railway Company (EBR), Sometime in 1954 they moved to Launceston to live.

We where always told my Dad was born in Burnie Tasmania. After moving there in 2012 it was always intriguing to me as to where my Grandparents, Uncle and Dad lived. After Jack started the UTas Family History Course in 2014/15 we started looking at the census more closely and found that they lived in a suburb called Acton which is part of Burnie.  On Dad’s Birthday 2015 we found the house. Oh how I wish that it could tell me the stories of when my Family lived there.


We also found out via the same census that my Grandfather worked for the Emu Bay Railway in Burnie as a Fettler*

Whilst in Launceston one weekend we also found the other home they lived in.


For some reason I can’t find the photo I took only the one I saved from google

*Jack Beltane // Fettler for Australians who not know the English word, on mainland they are called track gangs, railway gangs but down here the track workers who do the manual laying of tracks are called Fettlers. He worked on the line that i now drive trains on, i will never complain about a bad rail again


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