After much thought and a more kilos piling on after not doing any programs in several months. The last program I was on was BOD by Racheal Finch and that finished up at the end of October, and I really missed out on it as that’s when our internet was down. It is meant to be coming back soon, but I need a program now (ok i have chosen to start Monday)!

So after much deliberation and back and forth looking at

(All of which I have done previously)

  • 28 By Sam Wood
  • TiffXO
  • BOD By Racheal Finch
  • Suzie Burrell
  • MB12WBT (Michelle Bridges)
  • Voome Weekly 

I decided on the Voome Kickstarter Program.

  • It goes for 4 weeks and I get to keep the program after finishing it unlike the others that once it finishes you lose access. I may yet continue on and do a few more of the Voome Programs, as they all look quite good.
  • Cost was another factor and this one being $39.95 was affordable.
  • The main part of a program for me is always the Meal Plan. The meals are the same as the MB12WBT, many of which we have enjoyed over the years (I started MB12 in 2013). For the past couple of months we have been winging it, or doing up our own meal plan. So it will be nice not to think about what meals to plan.
  • The workouts for this program are walking based, with workouts thrown in. I’m also  looking at buying a treadmill, as Melbourne weather is well known for raining a lot.

Hopefully I will be able to have some success with this one.. Will keep you posted. Meanwhile I have to Voome…..




  • Not a sponsored post. This program was paid for by Jack..

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